The Weekend Starts Now

Hopefully for you, the weekend starts now.  Weather is great and the news is slow inside our newsroom.  Bob Townsend is putting together is Food for Thought report for tonight.  Amy’s Bowl is among the restaurants you’ll see the health scores for.  Speaking of Amy’s, massive construction project underway at the shopping center in Wilmington next to Amy’s.  Haven’t heard what stores are slated for that spot but if you know, the comments section awaits.

Reporter Max Winitz is working on a story advancing tomorrow’s 1898 Memorial commemoration.  Our friend, Rhonda Bellamy, at WAAV radio has edited a book on that subject along with our pal Si Cantwell at the Star News.  They’ll be autographing the books at City Hall tomorrow after the ceremony.

Tonight is the annual Hoggard-New Hanover High football game. They’re playing at Hoggard tonight and the crowd will be huge.  Bob Bonner will have a preview of that game tonight.

We’re awaiting Barack Obama’s first news conference as president-elect.  That’s due for this afternoon and our plan is to offer live coverage.  If you miss it, look for an incisive wrap-up for our friend Steve Handelsman in Washington.  That will air on WECT News at 5.

My friends, that’s all for now.  Enjoy your Friday.



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