May 11, 2010

Ask WECT! Send us your questions

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Send an email to or simply leave a comment on this post.  We’ll try to find you an answer!

Jon Evans will answer it on WECT News at 5:30 and we will post the answer here as well.


Where is the education money from the Education Lottery?

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Anthony M. (and several other people) asks…

If proceeds for the NC EDUCATION LOTTERY are supposed to used toward education, then why are students still failing, schools in such bad shape, and teacher’s being laid off?


Here’s what we found out Anthony.  

Of the entire pot of lottery money, half goes to the prize payouts.

15% goes to Administration and Retailers for the operations/profits of the game.  The rest — 35% — goes to educational programs.

The problem is that the money that education departments receive has to be spent in a certain way.

50% – Programs to reduce class size in early grades and pre-K programs for at-risk students.

40% – School construction projects.

10% – Scholarships for students who qualify for Pell grants.

So, each county gets a cut, but the cut has to go in certain categories.  They are falling short in other categories when it comes to budget and are not able to move that money around.

April 19, 2010

What are the two huge piles of dirt north of Monkey Junction?

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Norma Wood asked….

“Wanting to know about the two huge piles of dirt just north of Monkey Junction on the east side of Carolina Beach Road?  They have been there a couple of years and now have grass planted on them.”


We believe you’re talking about the mounds across from Echo Farms Golf Course.   It’s part of a planned development along Carolina Beach Road and Fairview.

According to a contact person for the developer, the dirt is the fill from a retaining pond put in a couple years ago.  Engineers say the dirt is needed for the next phase of the project.  When the economy slowed down, the project was put on hold.  We’re told it will get back up and running when the economy improves.

April 15, 2010

Why do cumulus clouds have a flat bottom and a puffy top?

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Mrs. Altman from Pine Valley Elementary School asks…

Good morning!! My students and I were wondering why Cumulus clouds have a flat bottom if the rest of them is so puffy? Eric Davis can you help us out?

Mrs. Altman,

We sent the question to Eric for an answer and he consulted with information from the National Weather Service out of Flagstaff, Arizona.   Here’s what he sends along.

“Clouds and fog form when the temperature of the air reaches the condensation point, which is the point at which water vapor (which is an invisible gas) becomes a liquid. When it reaches this point, the liquid collects on the dust particles in the air and become visible.

We call the results clouds, unless the clouds form at the ground surface, in which case we call it fog. Various factors influence the exact point at which condensation can occur, such as the air pressure at a given altitude, the moisture content of the air, and the air temperature. In most cases, air temperature is the most important factor.

As we know, temperature typically doesn’t vary dramatically in the horizontal, but temperature does vary with height. In fact, temperature typically decreases with height, as can be found when climbing a mountain. This fact means that the condensation point is also horizontally uniform at a given altitude. Above this altitude, water vapor will condense out to form clouds, below it water will remain in its gaseous state. Therefore, because the point at which condensation occurs tends to be about as uniform as surface temperature, the bottoms of most clouds will appear flat. 

Even though the condensation point tends to be at a constant altitude, the cloud will continue to grow vertically after condensation. How high it will grow depends again on the three factors discussed above. However, as the cloud grows vertically, it will draw in drier air from the surrounding atmosphere. The cloud will then start to evaporate along the edges and erode, leading to the “fluffy” look.

Not all clouds, however, have a rounded, fluffy appearance on top. Those that do are called cumulus clouds. They are formed as warm, moist air rises and cools to the condensation point. The air stops rising when it cools to the temperature of the surrounding air in the atmosphere.”

Hope this helps!

Where is WECT located on the new Time Warner cable lineup?

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Fred asks…

I watch your news every morning, a great news show. However I am having a problem with the new Time Warner High def. channel. 936 was the old channel, can you tell me what the new High definition channel is? I have tried to contact Time Warner to no avail! HELP PLEASE. Thanks a long time viewer.


You can find WECT now on 1120 now on Time Warner.  WECT Plus is located on 1121.

April 13, 2010

Why do we have large cargo ships that come and sit off Holden Beach a few miles out for days at a time?

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Shane asks…

Can someone at WECT tell us why we have large cargo ships that come and sit off our beach a few miles out for days at a time? Our rental company gets tons of calls daily asking what the ships are doing there.

Shane, here’s what we found out. According to the US Coast Guard and officials at the State Port in Wilmington, there are a lot of reasons why a cargo ship might be parked off the mouth of the river. Petty Officer Rathbun says they could be waiting for an escort from the coast guard through the channel to a berth closer to downtown wilmington. They could be early, and end up waiting until another ship off loads and leaves before they can get into the channel. Another possibility is that they reached the area early, outside of the mandatory 96-hour notice they have to give when they arrive into ports. It could be any one of these reasons, or others. I think it’s safe to say though that they are likely waiting before they come into the channel toward the port or another berth.

March 17, 2010

Have a question? Ask WECT!

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Send us your questions about anything you want to know on-air, inside the WECT station or out in the community.

We’ll work to get you an answer and share it here on our blog and on WECT News at 5:30.

Email us at “” or leave a comment on this blog post.

March 8, 2010

Why (do) County Fire Administrators have take home vehicles?

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Bill Smith asks…

Why (do) County Fire Administrators have take home vehicles?


We spoke with Donnie Hall of New Hanover County Fire Services.  He says only “essential” staff get to take the cars home, and they must be able to respond to a fire if they are called.  Since the number of volunteers responding to a call cannot always be guaranteed, there is often a need for extra responders for some fire situations.  Plus, those non-essential personnel are almost all “exempt” employees, so they do not have to be paid overtime if they are called out over and above the normal work schedules.  When I asked Donnie whether letting the administrators take the cars home was a strain on the department’s budget, he said he thinks they actually come out ahead money-wise, with the money saved by the administrators responding to and helping out at fire scenes.

February 24, 2010

Where can I see the Biggest Loser during the Olympics?

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Emily asks…

Where can I see the Biggest Loser while the Olympic games are on?


NBC is pre-empting all of its programming through the end of the Olympics.  Normal programming, including the Biggest Loser, returns next week.

February 12, 2010

Why is it that the students get to know who Sammy C. Hawk is but everyone else is left in the dark?

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Corbett Blake sent in a question after our recent feature on Sammy C. Hawk, the mascot for UNCW.

Corbett asks…

Why is it that the students get to know who he is but everyone else is left in the dark?


It’s part of the aura of Sammy.  We checked with UNCW marketing and they said it’s important for people to see Sammy as Sammy and not a person dressed up as Sammy.

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