May 11, 2010

Where is the education money from the Education Lottery?

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Anthony M. (and several other people) asks…

If proceeds for the NC EDUCATION LOTTERY are supposed to used toward education, then why are students still failing, schools in such bad shape, and teacher’s being laid off?


Here’s what we found out Anthony.  

Of the entire pot of lottery money, half goes to the prize payouts.

15% goes to Administration and Retailers for the operations/profits of the game.  The rest — 35% — goes to educational programs.

The problem is that the money that education departments receive has to be spent in a certain way.

50% – Programs to reduce class size in early grades and pre-K programs for at-risk students.

40% – School construction projects.

10% – Scholarships for students who qualify for Pell grants.

So, each county gets a cut, but the cut has to go in certain categories.  They are falling short in other categories when it comes to budget and are not able to move that money around.


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  1. The main reason is that there is no NEW money for education… the politicians, who had promised the lottery money would go towards education, reduced the amount of money going to education in the general budget…. by the same amount as the money coming from the lottery.

    Comment by Jim Wade — June 4, 2010 @ 8:16 pm | Reply

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