February 3, 2010

Did AAXA Mortgage in Wilmington shut down as of 2/2?

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Patty Davis asks…

I have heard that AAXA Mortgage in Wilmington has been shut down as of 2/2.
Can you verify that this is true?

The answer is yes and no.  The business has not shut down yet, but it is in the process of wrapping up its business.  We spoke with operations manager Brian Mitchell today by phone.  He says the companies national partner, which owned 51% of the AAXA mortgage company failed to get the proper licensing approval from the federal government.

AAXA can’t take on new business, but they are working on existing loans.  WECT’s Kristy Ondo found the workers continuing on, despite the tough news Wednesday.  More than sixty people are affected by this in Wilmington.  The company has done business out of Wilmington for a decade.


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