January 25, 2010

How can restaurants get inspection scores above 100%?

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Rod Smith writes…

“What’s up with Resteraunts (sp) getting 102 out of 100 I’m 50 years old (a high school drop out) and knew by the time I was 10, that math doesn’t work, there is no such thing as 110 percent correct. I understand you can earn 200% profit but if there are 100 points available how do you get 102?”

To get the answer, we turned to our Food for Thought reporter Bob Towsend, who checks in with local health departments each week to get the high and low score for restaurant inspections in our region.

Bob writes…

The highest grade that a restaurant can earn from an actual inspection by the health department is 100.  However, if the health department offers food safety courses that restaurants can send their staff to attend, they will receive two extra points added to the actual inspection grade.  So that is how you can actually wind up with a 102 on a grade report posted in the business.  It is not required the staff attends the classes, but many of the restaurant operators feel it will help their businesses, not only for the two extra points, but to ensure food safety in temperature, sanitation in the business and the end result is a better experience for the patrons. 

Restaurants that earn health department scores of below 70 have their health department operating permits suspended until the infractions are corrected and re-inspected by the health department to ensure the corrections are to their specifications.


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