January 22, 2010

Will out of state drivers be ticketed for license plate covers in NC?

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Pat asks…

“If NC residents will be given tickets for covering up their license plates, will out of state persons be given a ticket also?”

Pat is referring to the law that took effect last December in which it became illegal to have a license plate cover that obscures the month sticker, year sticker or state name in North Carolina.

The short answer is yes it’s possible Pat.

We checked in with Marge Howell of the state Division of Motor Vehicles.  She told us that the way the law is written, any driver regardless of state affiliation with an obscured license plate is eligible for a citation.  However, Howell points out that each of these decisions are up to the individual law enforcement officer who pulls you over.


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  1. Please report hard news, not all of this local
    fluff and filler. You have beat the ABC issue to death, and now here we go with an “Effigies” story. Why even give such a
    backwoods, redneck idiot attention and publicity? But then, if it rears its neck from under the collard patch, WECT is all over it! This seems to be the theme under the new

    Comment by salling — February 2, 2010 @ 11:16 pm | Reply

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