March 25, 2011

What’s on your mind?

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If you have a question about something going on in our region or even here at WECT — ask away!  Email us at or just leave a comment here on this blog.  We’ll look for an answer and post it here for you.


January 13, 2011

What happens to all that NFL fine money?

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George Moore wants to know…

Where does all this fine money go? What does the NFL league do with it! Why is it never mentioned or an accounting given for it!

We went to WECT Sports Director Bob Bonner for the answer.  Bob says…

Player fine money is used to support retired player programs, as well as other charitable causes as agreed upon between the NFL and NFL Players Association.  From what I know, when a player is fined he is actually told what charity the money will be going to.

Fines to coaches act in the same way, and all funds come directly out of their check.

January 6, 2011

Have a question? Ask WECT!

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If you have a question — email and we’ll get you an answer.  It might be something about what you see on air, some of the journalists who bring you the news and stories we cover.  If you’re having trouble getting an answer for some issue in the community, ask us and we’ll try to find out.  Email us!  We may use your question on the air.

December 21, 2010

When will WECT air the Christmas choirs?

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We will air a special half hour of Christmas choirs on Christmas Day at 6 pm.  Set your DVRs now!

Why is DIRECTV threatening to dump WECT?

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Annette Fountain writes…

Why is dishnetwork threatening to dump WECT? If it is money, you need to pay it to to stay on the air, or visa-versa.


The situation is with DIRECTV.  We’ve been working to reach a fair agreement with DIRECTV that would allow its subscribers to continue receiving our station’s signal. Unfortunately, to date, DIRECTV has not accepted our offers of resolution. Despite our best efforts to negotiate in good faith with DIRECTV, our agreement with DIRECTV is set to expire on December 31st.

November 11, 2010

Got a question? Ask WECT

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Send us your questions and we’ll try to find an answer for you.  Email us at

September 6, 2010

Why do we see rainbows half moon shape?

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Angie asks…

Question? I have wanting the answer to this question for a long time….Why do we see rainbows half moon shape? The rain is coming down straight, sideways, wind blown, left, and right. So whay is it not coming down zigzag or up and down shape? Now a lot a people I have asked this question to did not know the answer at all. So maybe you can solve this mystery. Thanks.

We asked evening meteorologist Robb Ellis to weigh in on this one.

A rainbow is technically always a full circle, however, usually about half of the circle remains below the horizon. For a rainbow to occur, the sun must be to your back (and below a certain angle on the horizon (42 degrees)), and the rain must be in front of you, so the sunlight can hit the individual droplets just right. This is why rainbows are seen in the late afternoon or early morning, never at high noon. The rainbow itself is merely an optical illusion, so it doesn’t matter how quickly or in what direction the droplets are moving. The light refracts (bends) inside the droplet making the rainbow.

Fuller rainbows can be seen from above (in an airplane) or you can try it with a garden hose, spraying fine water droplets below you.

June 7, 2010

Got a question? Ask WECT!

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Send us your questions and we’ll try to find an answer for you.  Email us at

Is the oil coming too my and your beach in NC?

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Tammy asks…

Is the oil coming too my and your beach in NC ??


This is an Associated Press article that ran late last week, indicating it is still a possibility.

(AP) – Computer models show oil leaking from a damaged well in the Gulf of Mexico could wind up on the East Coast and even get carried on currents across the Atlantic Ocean toward Europe.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research models showed Thursday that oil could enter the Gulf’s loop current, go around the tip of Florida and as far north as Cape Hatteras, N.C.

According to researchers, oil could threaten East Coast beaches by early July, but they cautioned the models were not a forecast. The oil could then head by Bermuda on its way to Europe.

Martin Visbeck, a research team member with the University of Kiel in Germany, says it is unlikely any oil reaching Europe would be thick enough to be harmful.

 (Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

May 17, 2010

Where can I find WECT Plus on ATMC?

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Rita Karr asks…

Question- what happened to your Weather Channel. We used to get it on Channel 939 (ATMC). Went to check on local weather and the station is gone.


You can find WECT Plus now on Channel 94 of the ATMC cable system.

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